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Equity Release allows you to release the capital in your property and improve your lifestyle.

We understand the frustration of having a large amount of equity in your home, yet not having the cash flow to finance the lifestyle that you would like to be living.

Maybe you want to provide financial support to family members to help purchase their first home, get some much-needed house renovations, buy a new car, go on a dream holiday or just “enjoy life” with some new financial freedom.

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Planning for your financial future can seem intimidating

No one wants to struggle to repay their mortgage or be forced to move home and finding a company you can trust to give you impartial advice can be daunting.

But we’re here to help. The Equity Release Ladies will always treat you as an individual and find the right product to suit your needs.

You’ll be happy and relieved that you found us to help you enjoy your retirement comfortably.

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We provide an outstanding, client-focused service, driven to empower women navigating their later-life lending options, through the empowerment, education and support provided by our female advisors.

Our mission is to ensure that you are completely confident and satisfied with the product that meets your individual needs and requirements.

In addition, we want you to feel resourced, educated and fully aware of your product specifications. Education is empowerment!

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An Equity Release mortgage is a type of mortgage for over 55s to enable them to release the cash (equity) in their property. The most common form of Equity Release is called a Lifetime Mortgage. These make up over 99.5% of the Equity Release market.

A Lifetime Mortgage offers a fixed interest rate for life. There are hundreds of products available, and many enable you to pay some, part or all of the interest. You are even able to pay back up to 10% of the initial capital borrowed each year if you choose to.

We always recommend obtaining advice from a regulated, qualified Equity Release advisor to discuss your circumstances and help you decide if equity release is a good idea for you or not.

Do your research and read reviews from their previous clients to establish which advisor you would like to receive advice from.

All Lifetime mortgage products now come with a NO NEGATIVE EQUITY GUARANTEE. This means that you will never owe more than the value of your property

Equity Release Lifetime Mortgages have evolved to become an excellent and flexible mortgage. You can make the monthly interest payments to stop the effects of compound interest. This means the lifetime mortgage will work in much the same way as an interest only mortgage.

Interest rates currently start from around 3% and are fixed for life.

“WE ARE THE 86%”. We know that 26% of over 55’s using their property to raise cash through Equity Release are single females. 60% are females as part of a couple. This means that a substantial 86% of present-day Equity release decisions are shaped by women.

However, the industry remains largely male-dominated, with women vastly under-represented. According to the Equity Release Council, just one in five equity release advisors is female.

The Equity Release Lady is the Company to drive this change to the industry.

As a Company, we aim to challenge the gender divide and realign the balance through the establishment of a brand of female-led advisors, focused upon advising women.

We boast an outstanding, client-focused service, driven to empower women navigating their later life lending option, through the empowerment, education and support provided by our experienced female advisors.

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